These are the last of the 3000+ photos from the show ring.

Calgary Foothills Dog Show and Saluki Club Specialty.  Some Salukis, Ridgebacks, and Afghans still to be posted.  All files are cropped from small jpg files, and if you are interested in any one, I will redo with higher resolution.


I may have photos of other dogs, or more of dogs/handlers already posted, so if you are interested, please let me know what dog, what the handler was wearing, and I will look for what I have.  There may be some that I did not choose because of the stride, but that are still available.


I do have some outside ring photos, and will be working on them next.  If I find I like what I have done, or think dog owner would like them, I will post. If you know I have taken your dog's photo outside the ring, and want to see it, email me and I will share privately.



Jan, Robbie, Cathy, Maril 

I have quite a few more photos for this group, inside and outside the ring but will share them privately.  


<< Angela >>

 Afghans - All images were cropped from small files.  

Daria - (no corrections except for cropping have been done)

<< Gazehounds


Yukon Territory


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