Omg you do amazing work.


 I’m telling all my dog people !!!


You should get into the ad business for dog people!


Gwen H


(The top right photo is the original, and I retouched to remove leash, and collar).



Gerry was very quick to respond and assess my photo, which I needed restored on a fairly short time line. She did a beautiful and thoughtful job of restoring an old photo of my mom, which I plan to display on my wedding day. 


Maegan M.



Dear Gerry,

Thank you so much for the wonderful photo session you did with Bear and I.   You are so talented! You created such a warm atmosphere that it made relaxing for us and you were able to capture such amazing shots.  I appreciate your professionalism, talent in editing photos - and how you went above and beyond!
Thank you,
Wendy & Bear



Awww, you are the best!  I love it!  They are such great photos!!! They are the best photos of me and Rollo ever!!  So Talented!


Kylee R.


 OMG Gerry I love it!!! Thank you x 1million 

Tarahn H.

Ti-Brin, Loki and I had a very good time with this photo shoot! Thank you Gerry for your excellent work!!!


I received the pictures today. They look actually better on paper than electronic. Thank you very much for everything (and for the nice extra card!)


Your web site is true that having portrait of our furry babies is better now than too late!!!


Valerie G.

Hi Gerry, 
I wanted to write in to you and let you know what we thought of our experience with you.
First of all, thank you again for the opportunity to be involved in your project! 
Secondly, I wanted to compliment you on your poise, patience, professionalism and kindness. You were so patient and calm with the animals - which is exactly what any pet owner would want in situations like those. You opened your home and yard to us in order to capture their goofy wonderful personalities and you succeeded in doing so. I believe your attention to detail and your understanding with pet behaviour played a huge role in the success of each photo session. Every animal is different and you seem to really understand that. 
Thirdly, and lastly, your work is very clean, well planned and executed perfectly! I would HIGHLY encourage other pet families to contact you to capture their fur babies in photo memories. Although we would love our fur-friends to live forever, we know that is not a reality and this sort of session ensures that you will have a wonderfully executed photo to admire and honour forever, even long after they cross that rainbow bridge. 
Thank you once again Gerry for letting us be a part of your project. It was an awesome experience!
Krissy B.

We had so much fun at our photo session with Gerry!


Gerry was perfect with our pets.  I couldn’t believe how well my dogs behaved with her—they effortlessly seemed like professional pet models.


I kept thinking—are those my dogs? It looks like they’ve been doing this all their lives!


She truly is amazing.

Lian G.


We love the photo of Chili!
The colours of her fur and eyes, and that sweet look...
We'll absolutely order that print.
How you managed to capture such a beautiful moment where she appears to be still and calm, amid all that running and jumping and exploring in your lovely yard is beyond me.
Karen F.


I had my dogs' picture taken by Gerry Steers from Gerry's Computer Magic before Christmas. I am from out of town and Gerry was able to accommodate us with her studio to take the pictures in. She was great with Sierra and was patient with us to get the perfect shot. We received excellent and fast service. I would definitely recommend her if you want you and your pets photo taken.


Cathy B

Chloe, Carrie & Cody

Oh my I love love love this.  Love isn't a powerful enough word.  Your work is outstanding..... absolutely amazing.    Thank you so much for all your work with this photo session.  I know how much work, thought and love goes into every picture you complete.


Michelle K



(I also created a facebook header for the Client  using four of the photos from the session so she could share the images of her kitties and her and her husband).



I so love it. Just want I wanted.  Thank you thank you thank you.  My second choice would have been the blueish background. 
Thanks again for all your work with the three photos you did for me.  You do an outstanding job and for sure I will keep you in mind if we get pictures in the future.
Michelle K.
(Image was provided by client, and enhanced.  Several backgrounds/borders were presented to her for her request to have a Christmas photo to honour her kitty of 15 years.  She got Holly at Christmas, and sadly Holly passed in 2015).  
What a wonderful experience! Gerry, you were so patient and engaging with ‎my dogs. You captured the playfulness and humor of my 10 year old Great Dane, and the quiet thoughtfulness of my 6 month old puppy. The ability to do that comes from experience and talent. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a special photo of their pet. 
Chelsea, Billie Girl and JuneBug 



Super cute!  Love it Gerry!


Amanda F

I love them!!! Haha dottis are the best. They're all so cute.  Even Thor was smiling hehe!!! I'll want a few copy's for sure!!


Tiffany M

"Positive photo shoot for our dog, my daughter and myself.   The pictures are a nice professional quality.  Thank you!"
Jackie & Jordy

"I would like to take this opportunity to formally express my thanks, on behalf of Yukon Quest International Association (Canada) for your support as a sponsor at our first Bark Fest, musher sign up day, and community dog party.  Your donation of a gift certificate from your business was extremely valuable to our event, and was awarded to the first place winner from one of our pet contests of the day.  In addition to this wonderful prize, the amazing photos that you captured through the day really added to our event overall.  These community events are important to the ongoing success for the Yukon Quest and we are grateful for our wonderful supporters and volunteers such a Gerry's Computer Magic Pet Photography.


It was an exceptional day for everyone in attendance, and we truly thank you for your help and support in making our event such a huge success.


Laurie Parris, Executive Director

" I recently had the great experience to have my fuzzy canine princess photographed by Gerry, the experience was fantastic and the pictures phenomenal! Gerry made sure both my pet and myself were comfortable, having fun and well satisfied with yummy treats. I passed on the treats, but my fur baby loved them. If you want your loved pet portrayed in beautiful pictures I highly recommend Gerry, she is amazing and attentive towards your and your pets needs and her pictures are lovely!" 
Shannon C

"My best friend recently got married and hired what was thought to be a professional photographer. One of the most important images from her wedding was her father giving her away. Her father is very important to her. When she got the photos back she was so surprised to see the poor quality of the photos. She called me crying about how bad the photos looked and she didn't know what to do about it. Since I am in the Yukon and my best friend is in Southern Ontario I felt horrible that I couldn't be there to comfort her. I remembered seeing Gerry's business card and decided to take on the task of getting these photos fixed for her. I sent Gerry and email telling her my situation. She was very friendly and felt terrible for my poor friend. I had asked her to do her best with what I sent her. Also, I had asked for them back in a very short time period because I was working on a project for my friend and I needed one of the photos. She worked on the photos for me and the end results were amazing. I could not believe the difference she was able to make in the photos, and in such a short time!! She had them back to me the next day! When I showed the proofs to my friend she started to cry. She had thought it was hopeless and the photos were useless. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who needs photos touched up or restored. I will now be using Gerry to touch up some of my own wedding photos and for pet photos. Thank you for coming to the rescue Gerry!! You are amazing!!"


Tara L

Thank you, Gerry, for the awesome work you did taking the pictures of Guinness and Java, my German Shepherd Dogs.  You have captured their expressions perfectly, and I am so impressed I am sending one of the pictures to my breeder so she can show them off as well.  The photos are really gorgeous.
I also appreciate your prompt answering of correspondence, especially when I emailed you at 03:00 and you replied 5 minutes later - now that's service.  :)
I would not hesitate in referring you to any future clients, and I would be proud to have you display the pictures of Guinness and Java in your photo gallery.
Thea, Guinness and Java
Thank you Gerry, for the beautiful pictures of my daughter.  It's so hard to get a good picture of her.  She always seems to have sunglasses on in the pictures she sends.  When I try to take a picture she has her eyes closes, it's too sunny or she's making a funny face.  I guess it's her dog Tinker that encouraged the lovely pose.  That dog is a relaxing influence on her. They love each other and it shows.
I also thank you for your extra attention to my requests & the speedy delivery - just over the weekend.  The personal attention I received was exceptional.  I was able to give her boyfriend one of them before he left town.  I can't tell you how special that was. 


Marlene L

Thanks Gerry that's beautiful!!  I love this picture thing! And that you can take a picture of me holding a dog and turn it into a photo shoot type shot!
Niomi S

I have been busy framing  this afternoon.  You should see the results they look awesome!  

When I took three of the pictures with me to pick a frame I ran into some friends and showed them the two character pictures of Emmie and Bailey where Emmie is making funny faces.  The laughed and thought what wonderful  caption of her.  In the one they both look like they are having a wonderful laugh so it made them smile too and the other was a awwwwww picture.  They loved the one by the pond as well.

Thank you sooo much I love each picture. 


Bev B

In looking again at your pics  from when we landed I realize now how tough to work with that brilliant light, light bouncing off the water plus the  reflection from plane. There are some lovely shots there! -- thank you!


Let me see if I can find the sepia tone one you did and whether any comments on that one-- that is the one that stuck out in my mind. very big thanks these are treasures!  - you were so right-- all tired and just wanted to get into the showers so good no time in taking longer/more group poses.


Lois C




Yukon Territory


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