View Your Online Proofs!

The photo groups are listed to the left.  Enter in your password to see your online proofs.


Individual sessions will have a password, but group sessions may not.


If you have not received a password after your photo session,  click here to contact us.


To View Your Photos:

- Click to open your folder.

- To enlarge the photo, just click on one of the photos to open it. 

- You can then advance forward or back, by clicking the arrows at the side of the photo.


To Choose Your Photos:

- There will be one or two numbers identifying your photo. 

- There will be a number of the photo in the list - ie 1 of 4. 

- There will also be a lighter number on the photo which is the file number.  

- To choose the proof you want, I will need the file number that is on the photo. 

- If you have trouble reading this number, the list number is acceptable.

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