Gerry Steers, Principal Photographer

Pets require special talent to make them comfortable, and the photographer must have patience as well as an intuitive nature to enable the pet's personality to show in the photo.


When it comes to pet photography, Gerry has  the passion for animals that it takes to capture that special photo, with plenty of patience to work with the not so co-operative pet and multiple pets and people.


Since Gerry is a photographer, did you wonder where the name "Gerry's Computer Magic" came from?  Gerry worked as a computer technician for a number of years.  When she did trouble shooting on her clients computers, they often claimed she performed "magic" as it appeared to be magic how the computers came to life under her touch.


Her retouching skills also appear like "magic" to Clients who saw people and things  appear or disappear from a photo, like "magic".  So when the company was formed, it seemed like a suitable name to call it "Gerry's Computer Magic", as the computer is still involved in the retouching magic.   So now you know.


Yukon Territory


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