Gerry Steers is a professional photographer from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  She is a graduate of New York Institute of Photography, with several decades of experience  in pet photography and photo retouching,  Gerry is our principal photographer and photo retoucher.  Gerry has been featured in the UK photo magazine, Digital Camera.


Her patience in working with pets has made her reputation as a pet photographer irrefutable.  She is able to bring out the personality of the pet, and capture it in the photo.


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Specialty Photography in the Whitehorse Area

Pets, groups,  family shots, & photo retouching -

we are experts at capturing

the personality of your pets, and

a great photo of any special occasion.


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Group One - Personalities - Cats & Dogs

Group Two - Fun - Photo Sessions

Group Three - Show Dogs 

All show dog photos have had the distracting backgrounds removed to feature the dogs.  Photos where dogs have scenery shown, actually have the dog  removed from the show setting and placed into the scenery.



Yukon Territory


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